Michigan Capitol Connection is 121's flagship event. Every year, pastors from all over Michigan, along with their church members, travel to Lansing for this two day conference to meet their legislators, pray with them, and present them with a thank-you gift. The highlight of this event is the group sessions where Christian legislators address the churches to talk about what it is like to be called to serve God in Lansing as a legislator. During these sessions pastors learn of the need to be involved in the lives of their legislators, particularly of the need to encourage the Christian legislators. Michigan Capitol Connection also includes two services, one of which is a dinner banquet with a Christian political special speaker.

Our next Capitol Connection is tentatively planned for 2022. 

Pastor's Days

Pastor's Days are a simple version of Michigan Capitol Connection. This scaled down version of 121's flagship event allows Pastor Dom and other pastors familiar with this ministry to work together a few times a year to connect new pastors to their legislators in Lansing so they can begin investing in their lives for Christ. If you are interested in attending a Pastor's Day event, please contact Pastor Dom at your earliest convenience.

Stay tuned for more information, our first pastor's day should be happening soon!