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Faith Wins Michigan Pastors Events

By dburkhard | October 6, 2020

Early Fall of 2020 I had the privilege to organize some of my favorite events my life. God has blessed me with the friendship of a man named Chad Connelly. Chad Connelly was the GOP chair for South Carolina and went on to serve as the first ever Director of Faith Engagement for the RNC.…

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2019 Michigan Capitol Connection

By dburkhard | May 8, 2019

2019 was a banner year for our Capitol Connection event. God blessed us with distinguished speakers, increased pastoral involvement, and a fantastic venue. This year we hosted the event at the Radisson and did a banquet session for the first time. Pastor Steve Smail of Lighthouse Baptist Church in Plainwell opened up the event on…

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2018 Michigan Capitol Connection

By dburkhard | October 2, 2018

2018 was a challenging year for our Capitol Connection event. Due to the fact that the majority of legislators were campaigning for the 2018 election, session was canceled for the week of our event. This meant there would be no legislators present in Lansing. Although this was the case, we decided to go through with…

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Public Servant Day Service

By dburkhard | May 1, 2018

Here at Cornerstone Baptist Church, we are praising God for an awesome Public Servant’s Day Service!! This past Sunday we held a special service to honor our Michigan legislators. We invited the legislators from our surrounding districts as well as those we had formed good relationships with. In total, we had four legislators and two…

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