Who We Are

Pastor Dominic Burkhard


Dominic was born in a small town in upstate New York on March 16, 1995, and received Jesus Christ as Savior when he was seven years old.  In May 2017, Dominic graduated from Pensacola Christian College with a bachelor’s degree in Missions Ministry. That June, Dominic began his ministry at Cornerstone Baptist Church as Missions Pastor.

Pastor Dom makes weekly visits to an average of six new offices per week and has personally visited all 145 legislative offices with the purpose of introducing 121 Capitol Connection, beginning relationships, and praying with those in the office. Most of these interactions are positive and are deeply appreciated.  Pastor Dom also leads a group from his home church, Cornerstone Baptist, once a month on visits to their nearby state legislators. This repetition has led to great relationships, open doors, and conversations that point to Christ.

While in Lansing making visits, Pastor Dom often stops by the offices of some of the Christian legislators to pray with them, discuss pending issues/legislation, and talk about the need for God in our state government. In addition to time spent in Lansing, Pastor Dom spends time networking with other pastors around Michigan, promoting 121 Capitol Connection to pastors and faith groups, and developing each legislative relationship God has given him so far.

Pastor Chris Yager


Pastor Chris came to Cornerstone Baptist Church in February of 2010 after serving for 9 years as Pastor of the church he planted in 2001, Heritage Baptist Church near Albany, NY.  He’s been married to his wife Dee Dee since 1997. They have four children together with and are excited about raising them to serve God.  He is a dynamic preacher and leader with a passion for raising up leaders for the cause of Christ and reaching Swartz Creek, the surrounding area, and the world with the Gospel.

In late 2016 Pastor Chris began developing the 121 Capitol Connection ministry out of a realization that our legislators were a lost mission field, and that pastors needed to be much more involved in their lives. As God blessed the ministry he realized it would become to big for him to oversee and began looking for someone take on this ministry full-time. In due time he passed it off to one of his incoming associated pastors, Dominic Burkhard. Chris’s down-to-earth, approachable demeanor allows him to make an immediate connection with anyone he comes into contact with.  With a long-term vision for Cornerstone and her community, Chris is devoted to the healthy spiritual growth of the body of Christ through preaching God’s Word and discipling God’s people.


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